10 Tips For Using Email To Win New Business

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1. Inside Sales Series10 Tips for Using Email to win New Business.

10 Tips Using Email New Business: Today’s inside sales professional must use a spread of prospecting activities to urge the eye and interest of the sales target. One such tool is email. Email offer’s the Inside seller many advantages. Email bypasses the gatekeepers. Email is cost-effective. Ultimately, email affords the inside seller the ability to tailor a very specific towards each individual sales target. However, many sellers spend very little time planning and crafting their sales emails. All too often the result is a generically written sales pitch which rarely grabs the attention and interest of the sales target. Sound familiar.

In this two-part article, I will outline ten steps that will get your emails noticed and get you a better chance of winning that all-important conversation with that sales target.

1. Tailor every message – Get the angle

Generic emails to get deleted. The angle you take in your email must be something that is an issue, challenge, or a priority for the sales target. Find something topical in their world that will make your offering more appealing to them.

2. The subject line determines whether the target will read your email.

every day your sales target gets lots of emails. They are mostly unsolicited, poorly written, and from sellers just like you. We all have become immune this sensationally phrased email offers to promise to solve all our woes. If it sounds too good to be true – then we delete the e-mail. Remember, your subject line should be

  • short and to the point. (Less than 10 words).
  • Focused on a result or outcome that’s important to the sales target.
  • Written from the sales target’s perspective, not yours.
  • Example: ‘Evolve helps ABC Limited increase sales in 2021’.

3. Paragraph one (Sentence 1 & 2 ) – The introduction

keep your message short and simple. Keep your email to three paragraphs comprising of no more than six sentences.

  • The purpose of the primary two sentences in paragraph one is as follows
  •  Your first sentence should introduce yourself and your company. If the basis for the email is a referral or introduction, the second sentence should link the introduction to you and the person you are targeting.

4. Paragraph two (Sentence 3 & 4) – The reason or angles.

the second paragraph should focus on the issue or business challenge that you have identified.

  • The third sentence should outline your reasons for contacting the sales target.
  • The fourth sentence should state what outcome you want from the email.

the third paragraph should contain the reassurance / social proof as to where else you have delivered similar types of results for other customers, 10 Tips Using Email New Business.

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The fifth sentence should present relevant samples of results the sales targets might expect from your product or service (Supported with appropriate industry examples)

The sixth and final sentence should suggest how you will follow up on this email.


  1.  Hello Simon, this is Jonny Kellett from Acme Power Supply.
  2.  Steven Jones, your former colleague from Davmir and Co, suggested I call you.
  3.  I am contacting you in reference to the comments you made about the ever-increasing cost of energy supply in today’s newspaper interview.
  4.  I’d like to schedule a phone call with you to find out more about your energy requirements and to explore how a number of our offerings could be ready to reduce your energy costs.
  5. We work with three of the most players in your sector (Babble Inc, Dabble Inc, and Gabble Inc), and that we have managed to lower their bills by a minimum of 10%.
  6.  I will be able to call you tomorrow morning before 11 am to seek out out what day will suit you best for that exploratory

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