Beauty Tips And Tricks For Oily Skin

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The monsoon brings with it dark skies,  Beauty Tips And Tricks For Oily Skin.  gloomy weather and enough moisture in the air to last till the year end. While humidity is helpful for dry skin types to retain hydration through the season, those with oily skin don’t have the same luck. Along with the increase in temperatures and moisture content in the air, this skin type also sees a rise in breakouts, greasiness and rashes. As these may become constant features in every oily skin owner’s life for the next couple of months, the right beauty tips can help keep it under control.

Beauty Tips To Control Oiliness In Humid Monsoon Season

These tips will help you get a hold of the usual skin problems that crop up during the monsoons.

1. Double Down On Excess Oiliness

Remember that natural oils produced by the skin are not the enemy and do not need to dried out completely. Only in excess is when the issues arrive. Gel face washes are ideal for this skin type to cleanse without stripping. Moisturisers for suitable for oily skin hydrate it to prevent excess oiliness.

2. Blot Away Grease

Even when cleansing is a priority, oil can still crop up in the middle of the day. It isn’t an option if you have makeup on and it can even reduce its longevity on the cheeks and forehead. Apply primer before makeup to ensure it lasts longer by controlling oil. Oil blotting sheets are if you need to take it a step ahead to blot away excess.