HRM: How to manage human resource management

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Meaning of HRM?

human resource management refers to the application of management principal to the management of people in an organization.

HRM: How to manage human resource management

levels/Importance of HRM

1] co-operating level:

  • Attracting talent through effective HRP ( HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING )
  • Developing necessary skills & ATTITUDE with training.
  • securing co-operation through motivation.

2] Professional level:

  • motivating work environment.
  • proper allocation of work.
  • HEALTHY relationships between individual and growth.

3] Social level:

  • good employment approchunities.
  • development of human capital.
  • generation of income and consumption.

4] National level:

  • Divers of development of a country.
  • leads to economic growth.

Managerial functions of HRM

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1} Planning.

primary functions where the number and types of employees need it to accomplish organizational goals are determined. human resource management.


The task is allocated to every member as per their skills and activities are integrated towards a common goal.


this includes activating employees at different levels and making them contribute maximum towards organizational goals.

4} co-ordinating.

co-ordination among people is essential at all levels of management achievement of organizational objectives is possible is only through co-ordination and their group there activities.

5} controlling.

controlling post planning organizing and directing the performance of an employee is checked verified and compared with goals.


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