Today’s lifestyle: New generation lifestyle and Changes

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Today’s lifestyle or Generation fully changing their life. since generation not has any online speed networking but know peoples are using 5G networking and new things. since not have any kind of new things.

old generation v/s new generation

now generation going to moving the best lifestyle to luxury life also know the generation are facing money problem but still, people know like to think rich so its main problem of the new generation.

Today lifestyle: New generation lifestyle and Changes

An old generation or old lifestyle

Old lifestyle or Today’s lifestyle much different between old and new you can understand in old – new. In the old generation have more respect for each other and also technology-not have much that time. But one thing is really those old people or old lifestyle much better from Today’s lifestyle because of that generation are not creating any earth killing missiles but know it is going different. old generation nature friendly.

Today lifestyle

today generation totally dangerous because of know generation going more killing more earth and animals because of self earning only matter.

know have more speed networking or 5G generation killing more nature-friendly animals and birds, you just assume it in your mind that time earth has a low population and low hit climate. now have more 7.4 billion peoples are living right now on this earth.

problems of more population:

The human can understand earth facing now problem. we are living only like earning money and get a beautiful house. human not thinking about earth problems. if it’s going like this Ak must be told you all the world ” one day earth will like venus planet ” nobody can be living this earth its meaning.