Top 10 Reasons To Start a TupperWare Business With You!

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Reason #10 Sample Products
Start a TupperWare Business, As a Tupperware Consultant, you’ll purchase select products and Host gifts to feature to your business kit at a special
Consultant sampling price. Top 10 reasons to start out a Tupperware business

Reason #9 Help Others Raise Funds
Help others fund their favorite organizations and causes with 40% of the profits, by using Tupperware’s exclusive
fundraiser catalog.
Raise funds for local schools, food pantries, churches, sports teams, animal shelters, natural disasters — and even
people who need funds raised for a private cause.

Reason #8 Party Online While You Sleep
Sign up for a paid My. Tupperware website and obtain purchased partying online 24/7.

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Reason #7 Training and Recognition

Learn online at your own pace with iTUP — an interactive learning program. Enjoy personalized training together with your upline
(success class, webinars, sales meetings). PLUS our event recognition is completely awesome!

Reason #6 Party Your Way
The average party takes about 2-3 hours. If you’re keen on to cook (or albeit you only wish to cook), we’ll assist you by providing a variety of yummy “Date Me” party themes and recipes. Plus, more themes and recipes are available online.

Reason #5 More Ways to Party

What’s your passion?

  • VVhat are you able to bring back the party? Are you hooked in to the environment? Tupperwaree products like our Eco Water Bottles eliminate the necessity for disposable bottles.
  • If healthy eating is your passion, show others the way to cook healthy meals with Tupperwaree products just like the Stack Cooker and SmartSteamer.
  • Do you want to save lots of time and money and help others do the same?
  • Are you big fan of getting and staying organized? you’ll help others organize their pantry, fridge, freezer and
    other areas of their homes.

Reason #4 Practically Priceless Perks

Be your own boss and set your own schedule. You control your income. you’re in business for yourself, but never by
yourself. Though you’re an independent business owner, you’re also a part of a team that’s happy to assist you, train you and celebrate your achievements.

Reason #3 More Awards for Saying “Yes”
Tupperware frequently adds an additional incentive for those that say “yes” to the business opportunity and it’s called. guess what? You guessed right — we call it a say “yes” offer! immediately is that the perfect time to ask about it.

Reason #2 Opportunity for Advancement
There are not any glass ceilings. you opt how far and the way fast you would like to travel . this is often your chance to create an enduring career while enjoying the pliability to figure your business around your family, friends and your schedule. Did you know: Most of our current top leaders didn’t initially expect that their investment would become a career?

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Reason #1 Come for the Party
Stay for the friendship. Our unique community of entrepreneurs has developed such strong, inspiring bonds and continues to welcome new members with open arms. we will not wait to ascertain where the party will take you!, Start a TupperWare Business.

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